Inspired by the reality of enhancing the sound of the cello and creating ease of playing through research and development combined with years of experience.
Bowed Acoustic Endpin features a proprietary polishing process resulting in:
- Specific metal components becoming stress and occlusion free - Microscopically smooth and corrosion resistant - Hardened tip that sticks - Replaceable and removable tip for airport security issues

The new, machined aluminum and hard anodized, Bowed Acoustic Endpin Housing was developed to complement the acoustic benefits players have appreciated from the Bowed Acoustic Rod.
The internal split collet clamping system gives a crucial solid connection between the rod, housing and bottom block of your cello.

The Bowed Acoustic Endpin is made of high quality alloy with a penetrating polish that enhances its ability to efficiently resonate. Special consideration is made with respect to length and weight.

The removable point is treated differently than the pin itself in order to be hardened and sharpened. The point can last a lifetime, however as a result of it being different than the pin, it is also replaceable should the need ever arise.